The 365 Reasons

My name is Fabi, Fabiana or Sofia, depending on who is asking and when. I moved to Washington, DC on March 1, 2007 to work for a nonprofit.

Since arriving here, I have had three different jobs, three internships, two grad schools, countless volunteer jobs and 4 addresses in and around DC.

Of all the days I have been here there has not been a single day when I have not been absolutely head-over-heels in love with this beautiful city.

(Organized so that the most recent post is at the top)

Reason 178: Community gardens

Reason 179: The eagles

An update on the reasons

Reason 180: National Portrait Gallery

Reason 181: Baked & Wired

Reason 182: Steps

Reason 183: People in DC (Guest post!)

Reason 184: National Arboretum

Reason 185: The t-shirt guy

Reason 186: The Caps

Reason 187: People know things

Reason 188: Ice-skating

Reason 189: Dulles International Airport

Reason 190: Veterans’ Day

Reason 191: Driver’s license

Reason 192: The Pope

Reason 193: Wolf Trap

Reason 194: All the gyms

Reason 195: Colbert

Reason 196: Small businesses

Reason 197: Friendsgiving

Reason 198: Gelman

Reason 199: Halloween

Reason 201: Food trucks

Reason 202: Adams Morgan and turtles

Reason 203: Columbus Day

Reason 204: Really living here

Reason 205: Kennedy Center

Reason 206: People come back

Reason 207: Nutella latte

Reason 208: Kramerbooks

Reason 209: a place to be productive

Reason 210: New fitness classes

Reason 211: There’s always the opportunity to learn something

Reason 212: Macy’s

Reason 213: This view

Reason 214: Free museums

Reason 215: No sweatpants

Reason 216: Circulator

Reason 217: Wizards

Reason 218: Miami International Airport

Reason 219: Frozen Yogurt

Reason 220: Cuba Libre

Reason 221: People vote

Reason 222: Spanish music

Reason 223: Brunch

Reason 224: All the Circles

Reason 225: The White House

Reason 226: Easy to figure out the walk

Reason 227: Patriotism

Reason 228: Most literate

Reason 229: Tacklebox, etc

Reason 230: Yoga

Reason 231: Think tanks

Reason 232: All the delicious food

Reason 233: Good Stuff Eatery

Reason 234: It’s cold, but not bad

Reason 235: The Capitol at Night

Reason 236: Jordin’s Paradise

Reason 237: Mimosa

Reason 238: Holiday parties

Reason 239: Dupont Circle Farmers’ Market

Reason 240: The Verizon Center

Reason 241: The Global Language Network

Reason 242: The Washington Sports Club

Reason 243: The Express

Reason 244: Saint Matthew’s

Reason 245: The Potomac

Reason 246: The George Washington University

Reason 247: Corcoran Gallery of Art

Reason 248: Jefferson Memorial

Reason 249: The Zoo

Reason 250: Galas and receptions

Reason 319: Washington Monument. Again.

Reason 251: Disappearing parking tickets

Reason 252: The Nats

Reason 253: World War II Memorial

Reason 254: Ben’s Chili Bowl

Reason 255: Busboys and Poets

Reason 256: DC Fire Department

Reason 257: Iwo Jima

Reason 258: 3040 M St NW

Reason 259: Massachusetts Ave

Reason 260: World Market

Reason 261: Venezuela, art and my dad

Reason 262: the Georgetown Waterfront 

Reason 263: Reading outside

Reason 264: Martin Luther King, Jr

Reason 265: The Newseum

Reason 266: USA Today

Reason 267: Founding Farmers

Reason 268: Firehook and brownies

Reason 269: Amtrak

Reason 270: FDR Memorial

Reason 271: Annapolis

Reason 272: Sweetgreen

Reason 273: Talk of global warming

Reason 274: B.I.O.

Reason 275: Jefferson Memorial

Reason 276: The National Museum of the American Indian

Reason 277: The National Press Club

Reason 278: The Circulator

Reason 279: The Key Bridge

Reason 280: The Old Post Office Pavillion

Reason 281: The Potomac

Reason 282: Pride Weekend

Reason 283: The Air and Space Museum

Reason 284: My neighborhood

Reason 285: National Museum of Natural History

Reason 286: Reading and now running on M St

Reason 287: There’s a sport for everyone

Reason 288: The Chilean Embassy, etc

Reason 289: There are lots of good places to write

Reason 290: The Race for Hope

Reason 291: Rooftops

Reasons 293 and 292

Reason 294: Fancy receptions

Reason 295: Jon Stewart talks about it

Reason 296: Il Canale

Reason 297: Pope-Leighley House

Reason 298: Embassy Row

Reason 299: The Post


Reason 300: Emancipation Day

Reason 301: Umbrellas

Reason 302: Changing the world

Reason 303: Vanity license plates

Reason 304: Photogenic

Reason 305: Sidewalks

Reason 306: Brown

Reason 307: Give directions

Reason 308: DCA

Reason 309: Running

Reason 310: Layout

Reason 311: Things about bikes

Reason 312: Georgetown University

Reason 313: Vapiano

Reason 314: No driving

Reason 315: Whole Foods

Reason 316: I’m sorry

Reason 317: Saxby’s

Reasons 319-318: Washington Monument

Reasons 321-320: Spring things

Reasons 324-322: Nats Stadium, seasons

Reasons 327-325: Pitango

Reasons 329 and 328: Friends

Reasons 332-330: Target, etc.

Reason 333: Snow Days

Reason 334: Short buildings

Reason 335: Disney characters

Reasons 338-336: Volunteering and other things

Reason 339: Rock Creek Park

Reasons 341 and 340: Famous people and somewhere that doesn’t exist any more

Reasons 344, 343 and 342: Free newspapers, etc.

Reasons 349-345: Bars and other things

Reasons 355-350: Wolf Trap and other things

The first 11 reasons

Other things that happened while living in DC:

Fieldwork in Spanish

Celebrating America’s birthday

I will now vent about these people

New, different hiatus

On good reasons never to wear/buy bedazzled jeans

On hiatus

On the best luck I ever had

On being a morning person

On the best movie ever

On remembering everything

On having friends that say the perfect things

On making lists

On not being able to concentrate

On taking the comprehensive exam… again

A place that is not DC but is also my home

On the times that Washington, DC isn’t so perfect

On being Capricorn

This is what the oral exam felt like

On taking the comprehensive exam

On not yet knowing whether I passed the exam

I love you, DC

On supporting something

On when to say which name

Save DC food trucks

On writing and trying to concentrate

The latest trend in sneezing

Something that always, always makes me laugh

On Voting in DC

On reading academic books

On getting all your ideas shut down

On figuring out how to do something in Stata

Walking around

We are not Boston, though Boston is pretty cool too

One thing I don’t like very much about Washington, DC


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