Reason 178

#178: Community Gardens

I never, ever thought I would list community gardens as a thing I love. A number of plants and pets have died under my care, including two supposedly immortal beta fish (RIP, Wally and Gloria Tallulah) and two baby turtles (RIP, September Rashid and Wheels Von Neumann Turtle).

I would like to say that I found the light and became excellent at keeping things alive. That’s not what happened.


Beautiful flowers from Ecuador had a very short life because I forgot to put water in the vase

Instead what happened is that I met someone who is wonderful at many things, including keeping things alive. He got a community garden plot that I some times refer to as “our” plot, even though my contribution to it is mostly to stay far away for the health and safety of the plants and vegetables.

The community garden is fantastic for a whole bunch of reasons:

  • It’s not really a garden– it’s more of a micro-farm. There are a few people growing flowers in their plots but I really don’t see the point.
  • It gave us lots of really delicious tomatoes, a few giant eggplants, tons of herbs and other stuff (I’m not super sure what all “we’re” growing in there.)
  • It gave us a chance to meet so hippy-ish neighbors and to learn stuff from them.
  • According to the Farmer In Chief at my house it’s a great hobby that is over right around the time you’re getting tired of it.
  • It’s a great way to mark the seasons: cover crop, frozen, planting, tons of tomatoes.

Some of the things we grew in our plot. Check out the GIANT eggplants.

There are lots of community gardens all over DC all with really long waiting lists. I like to think that somewhere deep within DC bureaucracy a Leslie Knoppe-type is woking to get more community gardens built in our awesome town.


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