An update on the reasons

In a misguided spring cleaning effort I deleted a lot of emails and just discovered that the email where I kept the original list of the 365 reasons was an unfortunate casualty of that. I can still come up with many, many reasons I love DC, but I am warning you that the reasons from now on will be more recent ones, and not from the original list. This is probably a good thing since many things from that original list no longer exist.


Here’s a few things that are no more:

Tacklebox. It was there for a while and then there was a fire, then it came back and finally it disappeared without a warning. Rest in pesce, Tacklebox. You were loved.

Macy’s at MetroCenter. It still exists but I would sooner sew my own dress from cactus leaves than try to buy anything there.

A lot of these Frozen Yogurt places. DC rejected frozen yogurt in favor of slow-brewed coffee and juice places. There are so many juice places.

The B.I.O section of the Express. As far as I can tell, it is no more. Gone are the days of “he is an analyst at the Department of Defense; she works at Brookings.”

The Old Post Office Pavilion. Still technically there but now it’s a Trump place. I think you can still take the elevator up for free. That might still be a National Park. There’s also an elevator down that takes people to a special place in hell just for them.

My neighborhood. I still love Dupont Circle, but it’s no longer my neighborhood.

Shophouse is also no more, but that never made it to my least because yuck.

There’s lots of new things to replace this, and ten years and three presidents in, still lots of reasons to love DC.


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