Reason 181

#181: Baked & Wired

Here is what I love most about Baked & Wired: it’s not Georgetown Cupcake.

I’m not a cupcake fan. They’re cute and all (I mean, they’re a mini-cake and all mini things are cute. Well, almost all mini things…) but they’re just cake and I’m medium* on cake.

Brownies, I love. Cake, I feel medium about.

Georgetown Cupcakes sells cupcakes, so strike one.

And there are lines. There are always lines.

Now, as a person raised in Venezuela I appreciate a good line more than your average person, but I want the lines that I stand in to be one of three kinds:

  • A line for something GOOD (like a free jar of Nutella)
  • A line for something NECESSARY (like shampoo)
  • A line of COOL PEOPLE that you can talk to

I typed “line Georgetown Cupake” on Google images and this was the first thing that came up. There were MANY more.

Lines at Georgetown Cupcakes are:

  • Lines for somethings that’s NOT COOL (or at least not cool any more, very 2010)
  • NOT NECESSARY (except maybe for your Instagram collection of basic things)
  • Largely populated by young PEOPLE and their moms and the occasional boyfriend on a trip to atone for his sins.Not super interested in talking to any of them.

Now for the good news about Baked & Wired:

  • It’s not Georgetown Cupcake
  • They have brownies and everyone knows brownies>cupcakes
  • They have quiche which, incidentally, also >cupcakes
  • They have decent coffee


*Medium is obviously the halfway point between love and hate.


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