Reason 186

#186: Washington Capitals

They are awesome because hockey is awesome. It always surprises people that I like hockey because I grew up in a place where ice melts very fast. (It’s the same story with ice-skating.) I learned to love hockey at Northern Michigan University, which is the school I attended for undergrad. Northern is very far away from Venezuela, in the left hand of Michigan, facing Lake Superior and beyond it, Canada. A natural place to move to from Caracas.


This was me at NMU. It took me a while to figure out I needed a good down coat.

Northern has an excellent hockey team, or at least it did when I was there and many, many years before. They won the NCAA championship in 1991, which was more than 10 years before I even knew this school existed, but still. Washington, DC also has an excellent hockey team, which is one of the many, many reasons I am happy to live here.

I love that the Caps are good, their uniforms and their name. The only thing I don’t like is  how they make metro even worse than it already is. I had to take metro yesterday (when the Caps beat the Maple Leafs) because it was also my friend Michael’s birthday and I’m a good friend who likes to spend time with her friends on their birthdays.


I took this picture from the Washington Post. The metro was as packed as this section of the arena and everyone was wearing the exact same outfit.

The metro was packed.

After one minute I was complaining.

At minute two I had started talking to some guy on the metro because I apparently will talk to anyone about anything.

Minute three I started desperately looking ahead like I would be able to see if we were making progress.

Minute four I imagined myself tackling people overlooking two important facts: (1) I’m not strong enough to tackle anyone; (2) there was no room to move, let alone inflict violence.

Minute five I started to complain loudly and look around in desparetion.

Minute six I questioned my devotion to this city. (I’m sorry, DC.)

Minute seven I questioned my will to live.

Minute eight I arrived because, let’s face it, even on metro’s slowest, most packed day, it’s still pretty fast.

A bunch of hours later I found out the Caps won. Yay, Caps. I’m glad. You made me question my love for DC, which is a big offense, but I still love you and DC any way. Plus, it was more metro’s fault any way.


This is what I felt like when I finally got out of the metro yesterday. (Picture also from WaPo)



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