Reason 187

#187: People here know things

When Justice Scalia died last week zero people in DC replied with “who?” Instead, everyone had an opinion about it. Everyone. My entire facebook feed is people posting news and articles and memes and of course, the Onion article. Meanwhile, more than half of the American people don’t know (or didn’t know in 2010) who the Chief Justice is. I like DC people because they know things and can talk about things.

Now I really enjoy the many, many, many videos of people being asked current affairs questions and getting them wrong. I think it’s hilarious, but I really, really like talking to people that know things and DC has more of those.

These people that know everything can be a lot to handle sometimes because often the main point they’re trying to convey is not a substantial idea but the fact that they know everything about everything and thus don’t need to listen to you. Most of the time they’re great because it’s fun to have people to speculate about politics with and it’s really fun to not have to explain what “Qatar” “is” all the time. As my friend from California pointed out yesterday, knowing stuff and talking about stuff “is both a fail and a win.” Most days it’s a win for me but then again, I’m biased because I love DC.




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