Reason 188

#188: The ice-skating rink at the National Gallery of Art’s sculpture garden.

This one is from the original list, reposted today because after two weeks of feeling like I live in Florida, winter finally managed to show up. Now I’m really, really cold. Two weeks ago I was complaining about the unseasonable weather. Now I’m complaining about the cold.


Ice-skating a while ago in jeans and someone else’s jacket.

Contrary to what people would expect of someone raised in Venezuela, I’m a pretty good ice-skater, which makes people scratch their head and wonder where I learned. I lived in Northern Michigan. Like, the left hand of Michigan. The top part of the left hand. I learned. Visiting an ice-skating rink is awesome because I get to skate and move and be active, which I love, and I get to use the awesome explanatory power of my time in Michigan, which I also love (both the explanatory power and the state.) For all of these (sub)reasons, I’m glad to have a pretty freaking cool ice-rink in my own town.

There is also now an ice-rink in Georgetown somewhere. I assume leggings and North Face jackets or Burberry coats and Hunter boots are mandatory there, but I don’t know for sure. I haven’t had a reason to go check it out because the one at the National Gallery of Art is so beautiful and not-that-expensive. It’s open a few more weeks too, so you still have time to check it out. Maybe take someone on a date there a la Aziz Ansari and the Monster Truck thing.

(To be fair, I acknowledge that other towns also have cool ice-rinks. Buffalo has a gorgeous one and a super cheap one, for example. As with all things, saying that one thing is awesome or valuable doesn’t mean that something else is less awesome or less valuable.)


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