Reason 190

#190: People celebrate Veterans Day

They really do. Almost everyone gets the day off because it’s Washington, DC and we get a million days off. But Veterans Day is very clearly more than a day off for people here. For instance, I doubt anyone would dare do a Veterans Day mattress sale. As we know, commemorative mattress sales are the hallmark of a made up holiday.

Here are some ways that people in DC celebrated Veterans Day:

  • Visiting Arlington National Cemetery
  • Visiting the Vietnam Memorial
  • Visiting the Korean Wall Memorial
  • Visiting the WW2 Memorial
  • Visiting the Lincoln Memorial
  • Awarding a medal of honor for being supremely courageous and patriotic and awesome. Oh wait. Maybe that was just President Obama.
  • Attending class. Georgetown University, The George Washington University and American University all have class on Veterans Day. Nobody gets the day off because Veterans Day is not about getting the day off.
  • Updating facebook with a message thanking veterans.
Lincoln looking handsome

Lincoln looking handsome

I celebrated by running to the Lincoln Memorial and reading the text on the wall. On the right side of the Lincoln memorial are the words from his second inaugural address, from which the motto of the Department of Veterans Affairs is taken: “To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.”

I love that I live in a town that celebrates Veterans every day and takes Veterans Day seriously and with respect.


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