New, different hiatus

Back in December I put the blog on hiatus until I finished my prospectus. If you’ve never heard of a prospectus, don’t worry. It sounds like something from Harry Potter but it’s really just a fancy PhD word for saying “here’s my idea.”

On May 1, I successfully defended my prospectus, after which I promptly stood up and jumped up and down in high heels. It was the best day. Like, the day I discovered Nutella and then this day. (Not quite, but almost).

After defending my prospectus (yay!) I fully intended to return to this, but then the World Tour Summer happened. Then the World Tour Summer turned into the Gypsy Summer. I’ll be away from DC most of the summer, so writing about reasons I love this town while I am somewhere else doesn’t seem very ethical.

For the defense, I ordered muffins from Babycakes in Marquette, MI because I love Michigan too.

For the defense, I ordered muffins from Babycakes in Marquette, MI because I love Michigan too.

In spite of having put this blog on hiatus and now another hiatus, I continue spreading my love of DC all over the place even if, as my friend Clinton says, I’m “the only person who likes DC.” Yesterday I was at the Venezuelan consulate (fun! you should try it some time!) running an errand and receiving news that my World Tour Summer would be turning into Gypsy Summer. Since the Venezuelan consulate in Miami closed more than three years ago, the DC consulate receives all manner of day-trippers from Florida. They all arrive early because the consulate is only open from 9am to 1pm. I arrived early too and started talking to everyone as we waited in line. I answered people’s questions about public transportation (take the Circulator), the hop-on hop-off buses (don’t do it) and Georgetown Cupcakes (amateur hour). I gave people recommendations for places to eat lunch and good exhibits to see. I gave them directions to the National Mall and recommended a place to get breakfast before they started their day.

I did all of this three times because that’s how many times I’ve been to the consulate in the past three weeks. The first time a nice lady asked if I was majoring in Tourism. Another woman asked if I worked for a tour company. The second time a lady and a man took a lot of notes and thanked me for all my suggestions. The third time a lady complained about Miami for half an hour (I agreed) and then suggested I start my own tour company in DC. All of the times I explained that I love DC and that I am the only person that does.


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