Reason 194

#194: ALL the gyms/classes/studios.

I am a super active (possibly ADHD person) who has lived in DC for almost eight years. This combination and my general apparent inability to commit to anything have resulted in memberships and trials and class passes and visits to dozens of fitness places in and around DC. Here is an attempt to list some of the many, many gyms/studios/etc that I have at one time attended:

– Balance Gym- Logan Circle

– Bally’s Total Fitness – Pentagon Row (for a Zumba class)

– Ballet Teatro Internacional (no longer exists)

– Capitol Hill Yoga (with the amazing people from cove)

– The Dance Institute of Washington (for an African dancing class one time)

– District Yoga

Epic Yoga

– Georgetown Yoga

– Gold’s Gym on 19th St (before it moved to its current location)

– Gold’s Gym in Van Ness (for a Zumba class a long time ago)

Jordin’s Paradise (love it!)

– Joy of Motion – Dupont (no longer exists)

– Joy of Motion – Friendship Heights

– Lerner Health and Wellness (GW’s gym)

– MINT – Dupont

– Nike Run Club

– Off-Road Cycling (they had a Venezuelan teacher who had a class coreographed to music videos)

– Pacers Run Club (Logan Circle)

– Pole Pressure

– Reformation Fitness

– Ride DC (very competitive spinning)

– Sport Club LA (Now Equinox)

– Sport Rock -Alexandria

– Urban Athletic Club

– Vida Fitness – U Street (loved it!)

– Vida Fitness- P Street

Washington Sports Cub – Dupont North

– Washington Sports Club- K St (no longer exists)

– Washington Sports Club – Glover Park

– Washington Sports Club – Columbia Heighs (very short-lived)

– Washington Sports Club – Somewhere in NoVa (they had a great Zumba class)

– Yates Field House (Georgetown University’s gym)

– YMCA- Anthony Bowen

– YMCA- National Capital Area

– Yoga Heights (This is super far from me. Not sure what I was thinking).

(Here’s a related list and another one)

I made this list because I wanted to and because as I headed to my first class at Urban Athletic Club this morning, 7 years and 11 months after I moved to DC, I was thinking about how amazing it is that there are still gyms and run clubs and fitness things that I haven’t tried out. As a non-committed, high-energy person this is very, very important to me.


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