On the best luck I ever had

I am a really, really lucky person. I win things (little things and medium things, not really big things.) Things pretty much always work out well for me. I avoid disasters. In cartoons, I would be that character that walks down the sidewalk just before the piano falls from a 10th story window. At the risk of upsetting the Wile E. Coyotes out there, I am definitely the road runner.

Me and some other person.

Me and some other person.

I have bought things that turned out to be 50% off and not advertised anywhere, won raffles and avoided major disasters in numerous, numerous car accidents. I’m pretty lucky.

In all my life though, the best luck I’ve had happened when I was just a year and ten months (a year, ten months and five days) old. That’s the day my sister was born. Some people are lucky to have a friend or a best friend or even to have a childhood friend that they still keep in touch with. I am incredibly lucky because my best friend, my childhood friend, grown-up friend and everything-in-between friend is also my sister.


My sister and I are different in almost every way two people can be different. Anytime we are asked to pick between two things we will inevitably pick different things. She likes white and beige and cooking (especially salads and sandwiches) and doesn’t like studying or working out. I like blue and black, wouldn’t even be trusted to cook for the people in Guantanamo, work out all the time and am a grad student. She has a guy for everything and owns her own company. I am a lot of people’s “___ guy(girl)” and a grad student. We also looked so different when we were little that people had a hard time believing that we were related at all.

We look a little bit more alike now, are different in everything except what’s important (we are both really good people) and still are (and always will be) best friends. My sister Cori is, as Christina Yang would say, “my person.”

Today is my sister’s birthday. Thirty(!) years ago today my best friend was born and my life is all the better and luckier and happier because of it. Happy birthday to my best friend, my childhood friend, my grown-up friend, my everything-in-between friend, my person and my sister! I love you, Cori.



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