Reason 198

#198: Gelman Library. It’s nice to have a full university library across the street from the office.

This is from the original list, before I became a graduate student at The George Washington University and thus Gelman became not “a full university library” but MY university library. With my different relationship to Gelman (“a” to “mine”) came also changes in how I feel about it.


I preferred working at Gelman to working at Lauinger (Georgetown University’s library) because Gelman gets a lot more sunlight than Lauinger does. I still like Gelman for this reason.

I avoided Gelbucks (the Starbucks next to the library) because the lines there were reminiscent of Ellis Island.

I took the elevator to the top floor and worked my way down, because I never knew where books were.

I came with notebooks and ready to write down information, 1980’s style, because I didn’t have an ID to check out books.

I never saw anyone I knew there.

The day I found the one study room at Gelman that has a really nice view.

The day I found the one study room at Gelman that has a really nice view.


I still prefer working at Gelman than working at Lauinger, but that’s about the only place that ranks lower on my list than Gelman.

Gelbucks is my second home. I send 80% of all emails from the line at Gelbucks.

I avoid Gelman as much as I can because I am convinced that it smells like Red Bull and undergraduate sweat. Especially the elevator.

I appreciate having access to Gelman’s giant collection of stuff and have piles of their books at home at all times.

I run into people I know every single time. Sometimes I run into people I vaguely remember and have to do the whole “hey you!” thing, which is very awkward.

Gelman might not be a stop on tourist maps, far from it, but it’s a university library in a great city and now it’s my university library, so it definitely gets a spot on my list.


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