Reason 201

#201: The food trucks. Today I am trying CapMac. I hope it’s worth freezing for.

This is what the original list had for reason 201. I probably wrote it in 2010, when I worked in an area with not that many food options and had a coworker that liked trying out food trucks with me. Since then, I have eaten more giant portions of their super delicious mac and cheese than I care to admit to here.

Food trucks in general are super cool. It’s fun to be able to try out food and sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous day. Though DC has not always been super nice to them, they’re still around and hope will be for a really, really long time. There are some amazing food trucks in DC, and also the people that own them are very cool and very DC.

My absolute favorite food truck ever is CapMac, which sells the most delicious macaroni and cheese ever in the history of the world. They also sell other things, but the most delicious is definitely the regular mac n’ cheese.


My second favorite is Peruvian Brothers because, well, it’s from Latin America, their food is delicious, the owner works for Georgetown and they were nice enough to cater the CLAS Brindis por la Beca last year.

peruvianbrothersMy third favorite is a tie between everyone else because really, they are all good and have delicious food and make DC fun.


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