Reason 202

#202: Adams Morgan

Not so much because it’s a cool neighborhood (it is) but because DC is so gorgeous and full of things that there are still places that I can get lost in. Adams Morgan is that place for me. I live like four or 10 or some blocks away from this neighborhood, and I still know almost zero about it. I get lost here constantly.


There are tons of places here I have never been to. Lots and lots. And a few that I have only been to recently, like The Diner, which I only visited because my friend Michelle is convinced they have the best bread pudding ever. I didn’t try the bread pudding. I had a brownie, which was ok.

There are also places I have been to a million times like Stroga and Havana Village, which I still can’t find on my own. This is because a bunch of streets intersect around Adams Morgan and no matter how hard I try I can’t figure out which streets or how. In my mind this is at the intersection of Adams St and Morgan St which is only not true, but impossible, as these streets don’t exist in DC.

I also like Adams Morgan because this is where I bought my (illegal and now sadly dead) pet turtle. I bought my turtle on Adams Morgan Day from a shady street vendor that disappeared after he sold me the turtle for $20. I named my turtle Septiembre Rasheed because I got him in September from a guy named Rasheed (no last name because he was shady). I took excellent care of Septiembre Rasheed until he died tragically in December. I say tragically because it was very sad for me.

Septiembre, the day I met him in Adams Morgan.

Septiembre, the day I met him in Adams Morgan.

Boo's first picture

Boo’s first picture

After the death of Septiembre Rasheed I received another turtle that my students had bought on the same day I bought Septiembre Rasheed (and from the same guy). Because I was so sad about Septiembre, I named the new turtle Boo. His full name was Boo Von Neumann Wheels Turtle. Boo because of the crying. Von Neumann because I was in IR class and was being ridiculous. Wheels because that’s what the students had named him. And Turtle because duh. Boo also died. I don’t have any turtles now, but I have Adams Morgan and all the time I’ve spent lost here to remind me of them.


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