Reason 207: Nutella latte

This delicious thing gets to be a reason all to itself mostly because I posted a picture of my Nutella latte to Instagram and immediately got a bunch of questions about where I had gotten that. There are two places to get Nutella latte in DC, one in each side of town.

On the far northwest side, there’s Puro Cafe. It’s on Wisconsin and N, I think. It’s a nice place. It’s white and kind of quiet and some nights there’s a guy that plays guitar. I thought it was an Argentinean place for a long time. I was absolutely convinced. It turns out I was wrong and it’s some kind of mediterranean place. The guy that plays guitar is from northern Africa somewhere and not from Venezuela, like I thought. Puro Cafe has a pretty delicious Nutella Latte. Mostly it’s like a regular latte with a bunch of Nutella at the bottom. It’s yummy.

On the southeast side, there’s Pound. This is somewhere close to the Library of Congress in the direction of Eastern Market, I think. What little sense of direction I have vanishes as soon as I approach the Capitol, so without google maps I couldn’t tell you where this is. Their Nutella latte is super delicious and as far as I can tell, involves no Nutella at all. I couldn’t really tell what the barista was doing with my drink, but I am pretty sure there was no Nutella. Still, it tasted like Nutella, possibly better than Nutella.

They are both excellent, better than excellent. My final vote is for the Pound one even if it is much farther away from me than the “Argentinean” place in Georgetown.




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