Reason 208

#208: : Kramerbooks

This was included in reason 361, which was part of the first 11 reasons, but I really feel it deserves its own post. Kramerbooks is a fantastic bookstore and also, because I am very lucky, my neighborhood bookstore.

I love the way they pile books on tables like t-shirts at the Gap. I love walking around the tables, picking up the books, looking at the cover, the back, some times the acknowledgements and often putting them back. My apartment is not big and is full of books, many of which I bought at Kramerbooks, some even have their bookmarked still tucked in. I have to be very, very careful about how many more books I let into my apartment lest I end up living somewhere horrible described after I’m gone as “an apartment full of shit,” to borrow a line from one of my favorite books of all time. So Kramerbooks is wonderful and I buy books there whenever I can, especially when they are for other people who might have space in their apartments.

This is how they stack books.

This is how they stack books.

Kramerbooks also has a cafe in the back. It’s called Afterwords, but I call it Kramerbooks too because it’s simpler and because I don’t think anyone knows what Afterwords is. I love going there because I adore the idea (and the feeling) of having to walk through a bookstore to get to a cafe. Love it. But I hate the food. I really, really don’t like it. I’ve been there a million* times with my dad, with friends, by myself. I’ve ordered lots of different things from the menu and have so far really liked none of them except for desserts. This is a mean point about Kramerbooks and I mostly love everything else about them, so I won’t elaborate on the food. The dessert is great, especially the cheesecake. And the piles of books are one of the very few things in this world that make me wish for a bigger apartment.

*Not really a million, I tend to exaggerate.


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