Reason 209: cove

This is a brand new reason. Cove is this really fantastic place that my friend Dani introduced me to. Because she is always there, knows all about it and knows all the people that work there, I have taken to calling it her kingdom (queendom?). It’s hard to describe cove (all lower case, like ee cummings) if you’ve never been there. Basically, it’s this white and blue place with tables and chairs and coffee and wifi and diet Coke and free printing. Most importantly, it’s a place to be super productive. It’s like it has some weird vibes that really help me concentrate.

There’s a cove in Dupont Circle really close to Mimosa, another one on 14th street, and one in Capitol Hill that I think opened over the summer. I am going to the Capitol Hill one today, which is why I thought to include this place on my list of things I love about DC. They are also opening a new location in Columbia Heights which I know about because of Dani.

You pay a monthly fee to use cove for a certain number of hours, which might be why I am so productive there. Even though the fee is very small (around $3/hour), I think some part of my brain thinks that since I am paying by the hour I should focus and do all my buzzfeeding, facebooking, horoscope reading and newspaper checking on my free time at my apartment which, coincidentally, is also mostly blue and white.

Go check it out. You will be super happy you did. And while you’re there, say hi to Dani.

This is why I go to cove: huge amounts of reading.

This is why I go to cove: huge amounts of reading.


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