On being away from DC

Since I moved to Washington, DC in March 2007, I’ve never been away from DC for more than two and a half weeks. I always had a job, an internship and no vacation. This summer, I have been away from DC for 35 days and while I have had an amazing time away and loved all the things I was lucky enough to see and experience, I miss Washington, DC.

I’ll be back in DC soon. In the meantime, here are some non-DC things I have enjoyed/been enjoying:

– Arepas for breakfast every morning.

– Amazing, non 90% humidity weather.

– Good haircuts that don’t cost a kidney and a cornea.

– Really fun people.

– Not being asked “what do you do?” all the time (not in the real world way and not in the PhD way)

– Chocolate. A lot of really delicious chocolate.

– Wine. Rum. Vodka.

– Excellent dance classes.

– People I love


There’s also a lot I’ve been missing.

I miss being able to walk everywhere. Fancy metros are fun and cars are fun, but nothing is as fun as walking in lovely huge clean sidewalks, at least I don’t think so.

I miss my friends, of course. I’ve met amazing new friends and gotten to hang out with old friends, but no friend can replace another friend. I miss my DC friends that are probably watching the games during happy hour at a bar somewhere and my friends that make me feel bad because they work (PhD work) so much more than I do.

I miss my apartment and my neighborhood. Because, yes. Who wouldn’t miss that?

I don’t miss the food. The one thing that has been consistently better everywhere else I’ve been has been the food. Except for the salads. DC has some amazing salads.

I miss not having to multiply by 1.6 or divide by 50 or 72 or whatever to try to figure out whether I am paying $100 or $0.10 for bottled water.

I’ll be back soon. In the meantime, happy almost-birthday America.


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