Reason 212

#212: Macy’s at MetroCenter. I like the building it’s in and the store is better than the one at Pentagon City.

That is taken from the original list. I think this was written during the six week period in 2010 when I decided to go without caffeine. This period when I didn’t drink any caffeine was also the same period I was applying to Grad School: Round 2. It wasn’t the best decision ever (the no-coffee, not grad school). It led to at least one terrible essay and a few ill-advised decisions. One of which was the decision to give a spot on the list to Macy’s at MetroCenter.

I went to Macy’s yesterday with two awesome friends and got to see again all the ways in which this Macy’s sucks. I did also see two good things: (1) there was one ok dress that I could buy to maybe wear at my sister’s wedding and (2) Macy’s is really close to The Laughing Man Tavern, which is these friends’ favorite happy hour spot.

More broadly:  

In real life, these are the things that are good about this Macy’s:

– The building looks pretty from the outside, not like a mall monstrosity.

– There is a metro exit directly into the store.

– Proximity to one ok happy hour spot.

– That is it.

These are the things that suck about this Macy’s:

– They never, ever have anything you are looking for. Ever.

– The store is always packed.

– Most of the people packing the store are tourists that miss whatever small town they came from and thus feel the need to do some shopping at a generic box store. (That was mean, but probably true).

– It takes on average 7.2 hours* to get someone in the shoe department to help you.

– It is very dark.

– Consistent with the district-wide trend, at least one of the escalators is always out of service.

– The metro exit leads to the furniture gallery, which is always deserted except for one very lonely salesman that always asks if he can help me. This breaks my heart because I know of nobody that has ever bought furniture at this Macy’s, thus I don’t think he gets to help many people.

I would have never tried on this dress in real life, but given that there were only like 3 dresses in the entire store, I had to.

I would have never tried on this dress in real life, but given that there were only like 3 dresses in the entire store, I had to.

In conclusion, it mostly sucks, but it made it to the original list somehow, so I thought it should stay.

*I made up this number.


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