On having friends that say the perfect things

I have the best friends. I have zero doubt about it. My friends are amazing new mothers, PhD students, Puerto Ricans, runners, theater people, bilingual, trilingual. They are caring and smart and funny and all around amazing.

And they say the perfect things. Some examples.

– Told a friend (who is a former coworker) that my last day at my current job is next Friday.

Response: Make sure they take you somewhere nice for your farewell lunch.

Nailed it. Perfect.

– Asked another friend whether she would consider dating a friend of mine.

Response: “You know I can’t do it. You are the only liberal I could ever love.”

Nailed it. Perfect.

– Told my friend I wanted to see my goddaughter (her baby).

Response: “Move here.”

Nailed it. Perfect.

And the winner. Told a good friend I was mad/sad about being called obtuse.

Response: sent me this video.

Nailed it. Perfect.


One thought on “On having friends that say the perfect things

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