Reason 215

#215: People do not wear sweatpants

They just don’t. Since moving to DC I have not seen the first person walking around with “Juicy” written across their backside. Nobody wears sweatpants to go out in public, except maybe ironically and with hipster glasses. Maybe. Sure lots of people, especially the undergrads, wear leggings like they are pants, but nobody wears sweatpants. And people wear yoga pants. Some places, like Whole Foods, practically have a yoga pants-only dress code.

Still, I’ll take leggings and yoga pants over sweatpants any day.

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” —Karl Lagerfeld

People in Washington, DC have control of their life. They are generally type-A, go-getter people. And type-A, go-getter people do not wear sweatpants.

In fact, I think one mistake “House of Cards” made was having some guy in a really unfortunate sweatpant combo run next to Claire Underwood. That would never happen in DC. Nobody runs in sweatpants. Nobody. Not even beginner runners. People in DC run in some kind of high-tech leggings (apparently called “tights” by the more initiated) and t-shirts advertising the latest Ultramarathon that they ran to raise funds for starving children in Asia somewhere.

So yes. We’re not into defeat. And we are definitely not into sweatpants. And I love that.

This guy must have been on a long run from West Virginia.

This guy must have been on a long run from West Virginia.


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