Reason 219

#219: Frozen Yogurt

When you are terrible at cooking, never home and pescetarian you will inevitably end up substituting meals for snacks, coffee, drinks or, in my case, frozen yogurt.

I give huge props to DC for having tons of frozen yogurt places conveniently located along all my main routes: GWU-office, office-home, home-GWU.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Here are some that I’ve tried:

FroZenYo: this one was my favorite last summer.

What’s awesome about it: you pay by weight. I was on a strict “under $3” frozen yogurt diet all of last summer.

What sucks about it: some of the flavors taste like Equal and half-and-half.

Bonus points: they are everywhere.

Pinkberry: this one is my super favorite now.

What’s awesome about it: everything. It’s delicious and more delicious and the stores are really cute.

What sucks about it: the whole place has a super healthy vibe so I feel like I am being guilt-tripped into adding strawberries to my yogurt when I really want to add Nutella (which, bless their heart, is also an option).

Little Penguin: what where these people thinking?

What’s awesome about it: nothing. I walked into their Georgetown store on Saturday because I was starving and I didn’t feel like walking all the way to Pinkberry. It was hands-down the most depressing place I have ever been in in DC.

What sucks about it: everything. Even the font size. Everything is terrible.

Mr Yogato: this looks like it’s a front for some shady business operations.

What’s awesome about it: hmm… I’ll get back to you.

What sucks about it: huge air of shadyness. The only time I was there I was given a hard copy of a survey about my experience there and then asked for my email. Very weird.

Sweetgreen: They’re like Michelle Obama. Everything they do is perfect.

What’s awesome about it: it’s right there. It’s also really cheap.

What sucks about it: no delicious flavors. They only have one flavor: healthy, granola, super-tart, you’d-better-be-carrying-a-yoga-mat flavor.


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