Reason 221

#221: Voting. People vote here. Even in primaries.

Yesterday was the Democratic primary for DC mayor, which, considering that 91.4% of the people here voted Democratic in 2012, might has well have been the general election. 91.4% that means that if all the people running yesterday ran against a Republican candidate one of them would still win even if the Democratic vote split. It’s not even close.

It’s fun to live in a place where people care about voting and show up not just for the presidential election.

Then again, that might just be my biased opinion based on my observation of my own polling place in NW DC. I just checked and apparently turnout yesterday was 22.5% and DC’s turnout rate for the 2012 election was not that high. It was about 10 points behind Maine, for example, and 3 points behind Michigan.

Based on this I amend Reason 221 as follows:

#221: I am friends with a bunch of people that vote. Even in primaries.

I voted early in 2012 because I'm cool like that.

I voted early in 2012 because I’m cool like that.


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