Reason 222

#222: Music in Spanish

This is true about other cities too (hello, Miami), but just because it’s true of other places doesn’t mean it’s not true about here. Because we have a large Hispanic population, a large population of expats and a huge population of returning Peace Corps volunteers, we get a lot of Spanish music concerts. And because the venues they play at are not big or fancy tickets are often pretty cheap.

Here are some of the pretty awesome people/groups I’ve gotten to see in my time living here:

– Amigos Invisibles. I go every time. Every. Time. And so do tons of Venezuelans carrying flags and a contingent of 40+ gringos who studied abroad in Venezuela back when you could do study abroad in Venezuela.

– Jerry Rivera. He played at Salsa Room. Huge fun. And he really does look like he’s 15.

– Oscar D’Leon. Also Salsa Room. This was fun. Also lots of Venezuelans.

– Alejandro Sanz. He played at Wolf Trap. I went for my (second) birthday and fell in love with him.

– Bajofondo. They played at 9:30 Club.

– Juanes. Probably the best concert I have been to in DC. He played at the Patriot Center.

– Jarabe de Palo. This is the most recent concert I’ve been to. They played at Echostage out in the middle of nowhere in NE. It was a fun concert. The people in the audience were mostly 30 year-old trying to relive their days of studying abroad in Madrid.

There’s an even longer list of concerts I missed, but let’s not go into that.

Last note: Amigos is coming to the Howard Theater on Saturday, April 19.


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