Reason 229

#229: Tacklebox. Or the fact that you can still go for the first time to a really cool restaurant, even after almost four years of living here.

That was the #229 reason on the original list. I’ve been to Tacklebox a million times. I went to the M St place tons of times. It burned down. I went to the one in Cleveland Park. Back to the one in Georgetown when it reopened. Then Cleveland Park closed (but didn’t burn down). Then I stopped going.

I haven’t been there in maybe six months. As happens with cities where you live for a while, this place is linked in my mind to a previous time. Maybe I’ll go there again soon and make new memories, but I doubt it.

I love Tacklebox, but I love the fact that there are really cool restaurants I still don’t know a lot more. There are tons of those. Like maybe a third of the ones on this* list by Washingtonian magazine.

download (2)

*Some of these places I have no interest in going to because I am pescetarian.


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