Reason 230

#230: It’s a great city for yoga-loving people

The official DC accessory

The official DC accessory

I am not really a yoga person. I tried. I really did, but I just am not. However, I do see that if one were a yoga person, DC would be a dream city. There are tons of great yoga studios in DC. Tons. Like a million. The yoga mat bag thing is DC’s official accessory. People wear yoga pants here only when they are coming from or going to yoga. Really. There’s free yoga in the Mall some times and free yoga in Dupont Circle other times.

I have tried yoga a bunch of times. I have signed up for classes at Tranquil Space (a studio in Dupont Circle) a ton of times, but never actually made it there. I’ve considered going to Flow Yoga (another popular studio in my neighborhood). I tried the yoga classes at Vida and at a bunch of Washington Sports Club locations.

And then last week I tried Epic Yoga. It was Epic. Epic Yoga is a gorgeous studio in my neighborhood. It has exposed brick walls and white towels and plinky-planky music and all the stuff you would expect from a fancy yoga studio. It is fancy. And excellent. And I really wanted to love it, but I am not sure I succeeded.

I had fun doing yoga for a week while it was super cold in DC, but I don’t think I am going back. I love the yoga pants and the exposed brick wall and I love feeling strong and stretchy, but I hate the plinky-planky music. Hate it. It kind of ruins all of yoga for me. I feel like I am in some weird new age elevator.

There’s a studio in Boston that does a class called “Hip Hop Yoga.” Until I can find “Hip Hop Yoga” or “Bachata Yoga” or something cool like that in DC, I think I’ll stay away from yoga and leave all the gorgeous studios to the hard core people of the P St Whole Foods who obviously love it.


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