Reason 232

#232: All the delicious food

There’s a lot of delicious food in DC. And it’s convenient and diverse and not that expensive. Just in my neighborhood you can get Middle Eastern, Salvadorian, Ethiopian, Italian and Greek food, in addition to all kinds of sandwiches and salads and steak. So naturally, I eat out all the time. Ate out all the time. Every day for lunch. Panera. Zorba’s. Whole Foods. Cosi. Sweetgreet. Moby Dick. Subway. DGS. Whatever.

At first I justified my choice based on some shady math. Then the weather. Then shady math again. Then I supported my decision to eat out using Edward Glaeser’s Triumph of the City. There’s a section there where he talks about how people in cities live in places that have small kitchens because they are essentially sharing the much larger kitchens of the restaurants nearby that sell food for cheaper than would be available in less densely populated places. “Aha!.” I thought, the Sweetgreen kitchen is really my kitchen.

And thus I justified not learning how to cook year after year. After year. Until 2014. This is the year I learn how to cook because after two years of living and working in the same neighborhood, I finally got bored of all the food that’s immediately available.

So I bought “How to cook everything: The Basics” and I bought cutlery and a pan and I visited three supermarkets and this morning I made a scrambled egg that came out ok. We’ll see how long this lasts before I give up, resurrect the Glaeser argument and give in to the delicious food made in the kitchens that I (rightfully) share with much better cooks.

This is the amazing book and step 1 of making scrambled eggs

This is the amazing book and step 1 of making scrambled eggs


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