Reason 233

#233: Good Stuff Eatery.

Plus side:

Delicious food. And their veggie burger is called “Vegetarians are people too.” What is not to love?

Famous guy from Top Chef is the owner. We don’t have that many non-political famous people here, so I’ll take what we can get.

Down side:

Good Stuff is in my least favorite DC neighborhood, Capitol Hill (ah! shock! gasp!*) so I don’t go there often at all. And then when I go, like today, I wonder why I don’t go there (to Good Stuff, not the Hill) or why they can’t have another location in Foggy Bottom. There’s a second Good Stuff in Crystal City, where I lived years ago, but that one’s just not the same.

The fries are so-so, which sucks for me because I consider fries to be a major food group. Still, the pretty delicious sauces cover it up.

Clearly the plus side far outweighs the downside, which is why this spot has a place on the list.


*Capitol Hill is my least favorite neighborhood because it’s the prime example of all the things I complained about here.


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