Reason 234

#234: Yes, it’s cold, but at least we also get snow. 🙂

This reason I came up with a while ago, maybe two years ago when I started the list.

I’ve spent four (five?) winters here and really it hasn’t snowed that much.

The times I remember snow in DC are:

– Some time in 2008 when I still worked at my first DC job and it snowed a little and we got to go home early.


– December 2011 during a work holiday party. That one really turned out to be more like freezing rain than snow.

– My birthday last year when it snowed a little bit.

– This weekend. I wasn’t here for the snow-ing part, but there was snow on the ground when I returned from my holiday trip home.

But it also hasn’t really been that cold, not counting yesterday and today. Although, compared to my former home of Marquette, MI, yesterday and today have been balmy.


I lived in Marquette for a while. There’s no blog about that.

(More about snow here)


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