Reason 235

#235: The Capitol at night. One of the most beautiful sights in all of DC. Gorgeous.

Or really, the Capitol when it’s dark outside. I’ve seen it many times at night and it takes my breath away every time. I don’t love that so many buildings in DC are short and white. It makes the city look boring during the day, but I love how most of these short, white buildings look when they are lit up at night. My favorite is the Capitol. My second favorite is Union Station.

Over the summer I got to see both of these buildings at dark a lot because I was running with the super awesome Pacers am running group (now renamed The Breakfast Club). Those runs started at 5am, which meant that chances were high we would see the Capitol at “night”. We also run through Q St to Georgetown, which was not at all pretty.

I haven’t been running at 5am any more, partly because it is very cold and partly because I moved four blocks further away from the meeting sport (a poor excuse, I know). I have still had had plenty of opportunities to see this gorgeous building at night and have enjoyed every single one.

Photo/Laura Padgett. (I took it from the Colorado Independent's website)

Photo/Laura Padgett. (I took it from the Colorado Independent’s website)


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