Reason 237

#237: Mimosa salon. I’ll only get my nails done if I’m holding champagne.

My friend Gabi introduced me to Mimosa in 2009 or 2010. At the time it was a small nail place on a second floor in Dupont. I loved them immediately because it was so quiet and they had so many nail polish colors. Almost all of this has changed.

Mimosa now occupies that same second floor, but also the (much larger) first floor and a first floor two doors down. It is no longer quiet. For some reason they decided that people in DC want to watch CNN or MSNBC or some other annoying news channel all the time. Even at the nail salon. It is also always packed. Always. Chair after chair of ladies in either fancy suits or yoga clothes, never jeans or, god forbid, khakis. Upstairs is packed. Downstairs is packed. Next door is packed.

But if you’ve been going there since 2009 or 2010 they find a chair for you. And say it’s nice to see you again. And ask about your family. And get you champagne.

That’s the best part about it. I love having pretty nails, but hate having my nails done. The champagne helps with that. The champagne and the year-old gossip magazines.

And they still have a million colors to choose from.

I now occasionally cheat on Mimosa with Enchanted, a similar place a few blocks away. Enchanted runs a better Monday-Wednesday special and plays “Sex and the City” instead of the news. But they have fewer colors, and picking a color is my favorite part.

All the pretty colors

All the pretty colors


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