On the times Washington, DC isn’t so perfect

Most days Washington, DC is perfect, gorgeous, the love of my life, the city where I want to live forever. Other days I want to slap most of its residents for being self-important douches*. Today is a day when I want someone to line up all these people so I can slap them.

These are the things that make DC not-so-perfect:

People are over educated. (I want to be the kettle, if I have to pick between the pot and the kettle. Thank you). This works well for me most of the time because it means people know where Venezuela is, which I value. Other times, it just means that everyone thinks they know more about everything than you do, which can be exhausting.

– People get paid in power. A friend said this to me once, and he is right. People here get paid in power or access to power or access to someone who has access to someone else who has access to power. People that make money often like to flaunt their money. Here, where people make $28K and power (or really, access to power), people like to flaunt their power.

– People are given responsibilities that they are too young to handle. I suspect that this is related to the earlier point. People that are older have important things (family, dependents) and don’t want to get paid in power because power doesn’t pay the rent.

– People leave ALL the time. I sort of see why. I, on the other hand, apparently can’t leave now. In the last couple of months I’ve mentioned a few times to people that I want to leave DC for a while and their response is either “but you love DC!” or “but you have that blog!”. Yes and yes, but I also have a desire to live around normal people.

Wonka image2

*I struggled with this word choice. Ultimately “douches” won out over assholes and pendejos, which is really funny because “douche” is the only word out of those three that I can’t pronounce.


4 thoughts on “On the times Washington, DC isn’t so perfect

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