Reason 241

#241: The Global Language Network


This is one of the best ideas ever and it exists right here in my amazing town of DC. The GLN was started as a student organization at my alma mater #3, The George Washington University, by two amazing people, Andrew and Zarko.

It has since grown to be the best nonprofit association that I know of (tied with DC Central Kitchen). The GLN offers (almost free) language classes to people in DC. It finds amazing people that love their language (like me) and gives them the opportunity and the tools needed to teach that language to people that want to learn it. It’s pretty fantastic.

With my students from Fall 2013

With my students from Fall 2013

Amazing things about the GLN:

– You can learn all kinds of languages, not just Spanish.

– Even though I have been volunteering with them for a VERY long time, they still always say “thank you.”

– Their students are super fun and smart.

– It is a great way to meet people if you are new to DC.

– Their volunteers are super hardworking people.

– You can learn Spanish.

– They let me teach Spanish.

– Their classes are all in super convenient places.

– I have met some great friends because of them.


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