Reason 242

#242:  My new/old gym: Washington Sports Club. They have Zumba classes almost every day.


I have a love/hate relationship with the Washington Sports Club.

I love that they have so many locations. I hate that they are everywhere.

In the years that I have lived in DC I have joined and quit the WSC three times.

The first time I joined because (surprise, surprise) it was the gym closest to me in Cathedral Heights/Glover Park. I went to Zumba class and Body Pump class five times a week for about 10 months. I quit after it dawned on me that even though they have a gazillion classes, only a handful of them are actually good.

The second time I joined after I quit the YMCA. The Y was kind of smelly and din’t have such great classes. It turned out that the WSC had kind of deteriorated too, so I quit after my three month LivingSocial or whatever deal expired.

The third time I joined because… I can’t remember why I joined, but I remember I quit when I really hurt my foot at a spin class in Columbia Heights and the instructor didn’t even notice. I ruined my brand new shoes and my 29-year-old foot. I quit that same day.

Now I am on my fourth time joining the WSC. Many of the things I don’t like are still the same: too many people who stare at you when you are working out, crowded classes, so-so instructors, sucky towels. But the stuff I like is still there: there are three clubs walking distance from my apartment, tons of classes, and clean-ish stuff.

We’ll see how long I last this time.


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