Reason 245

#245: The Potomac. All great cities have a river.

I am not a very good photographer.

I am not a very good photographer.

The Thames.

The Nile.

The Seine.

Caracas, for example, has el Guaire, which also serves as a depository of bodies and an auxiliary sewer system.

There are probably some bodies in the Potomac too, but it is much more beautiful. One of my favorite runs in DC (now that I figured out how to do it without getting lost) is running along the Potomac on the DC side.

A few years ago, when I was applying to grad school, I ran into a gypsy at the Target in Columbia Heights. She took my hand and she said she saw that I was going to break up with the guy I was with because he caused me pain. That was true, but it took me years to break up. She also said I was going to go to grad school by the water, which is a major cop out because (most) good schools are in cities or close to cities and (most) cities are by bodies of water. Any way, she turned out to be right and I was able to stay right here next to my second favorite body of water, the Potomac. (My first favorite is the Caribbean, of course).

My least favorite is el Guaire.


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