Reason 319 (again): The Washington Monument

#319: The Washington Monument

I had already written about this once, but today the Washington Monument reminded me again of how much I love it and how much I love DC.

Because an earthquake couldn’t even bring it down. In fact, some visitors to DC thinks it looks even better or, as I heard someone say, “more post-modern” with the scaffolding. Especially at night. I resisted agreeing with this because I saw myself as more of a monument purist, but I have given in. I really, really like how the Washington Monument looks all lit up. It’s bright and welcoming and regal all at the same time. Maybe not “regal”. I’m pretty sure Washington would not have liked to have the word “regal” applied to it.

And because even in the middle of this disaster, you can’t really shut it down. Sure you can put a cute little barrier and a sign telling people it’s closed, but for anyone that loves the monument and the view of DC from the monument, the little sign means almost nothing.

And because it keeps me from getting lost. It’s my own Avila in a city that has no mountains, just a “hill” and a “hilltop”.



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