Reason 255

#255: Busboys and Poets

What is not to love about a place that serves good food and excellent drinks and coffee, has free WiFi, open mic nights and sells books? I love everything about this place. I have visited it at all its locations. My favorite is the original on 14 and V, but the other ones have their charm too.

The one in Hyattsville is nice because there’s more of a college crowd, which seems like a perfect fit to this place. They also sell art supplies instead of books, which is fun.

The one on 5 and K looks a little too new to be believable, but is more spacious than the other ones and has a nice second floor.

The one in Shirlington is for people that live in the suburbs. I don’t remember much about this location.

Good reasons to visit Busboys (at any location) in order of importance:

1- To check it off your DC bucket list. This place is an institution.

2- Brunch. This is probably their best menu.

3- To study and write and be productive using their free WiFi and nice tables and couches.

4- Open mic night. This would be ranked higher if it didn’t require a lot of planning because the tickets sell out.

5- Drinks. Fun place to go to for drinks. I don’t think they have a happy hour, but their drinks are fun.

This is a picture of my students outside Busboys and Poets.

This is a picture of my students outside Busboys and Poets.


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