Reason 258

#258: 3040 M St NW

This building is on the corner of M St, Georgetown’s main street if you will, and Thomas Jefferson St, a street that cuts from M down to the water and is the home of Baked and Wired. When I first moved to DC, 3040 M St NW was the home of Barnes and Noble. It is now the home of the Nike Store. I love them both.

When 3040 M St was Barnes and Noble

It was a great place to go read. It was three floors of books with a small Starbucks on the second floor. I remember the place as always having been packed. Undoubtedly it must have been with people that were just browsing, otherwise they would not have closed.

They never had the book I was looking for (no matter what book it was) but it was still fun to visit.

Now that 3040 M St is a Nike Store

The building looks better than it did when it was a bookstore. They stripped down all the walls and redid the floor so that it’s in Georgetown’s blue and gray. I think the floor might actually be Georgetown’s old basketball court’s floor. At least that’s what it looks like.

There’s not much to browse at the new store. At least not for me -I am not a big fan of looking at shoes- but there is a lot to do. On Monday’s they have a free fitness class, Nike Training Club, which I tried out for the first time yesterday and really liked. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays they have Run Club, which is also fun.

My favorite thing about it is still probably the building and how big it feels in the middle of Georgetown, where everything else is so small.



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