Reason 261

#261: There are works by famous Venezuelan artists. There are amazing Jesus Soto sculptures at the Hirschhorn museum, for example. If you haven’t seen them, you should definitely go.

One beautiful thing about Caracas, the city that was my home before DC, is that it is home to many sculptures and works from the cinetismo movement (sometimes called op art). This is an art style based on movement. It’s about abstract figures that give the impression of movement and that seem to change as you move. Some of the most famous examples in Caracas are the work of Jesus Soto at the Teresa Carreño and the works of Carlos Cruz Diez in spaces in the city. These works are not as well preserved as they should be, but they are beautiful works by Venezuelan artists that capture the spirit of the city.

In Washington, DC we are lucky to have a few works by Jesus Soto displayed at the Hirschhorn Museum. Visiting them makes me feel like I am at my other home for a minute.

(This picture was taken from the Hirschhorn's website)

(This picture was taken from the Hirschhorn’s website)

There is also a large sculpture by Venezuelan artist Alejandro Otero right outside the Air and Space Museum. I learned about this statue when I visited Washington, DC for the first time with my family about 15 years ago. My father had compiled NY Times articles and websites into a guide to Washington, DC. We walked to the statue and took a picture by it. My father, like me, or perhaps more than me, is proud of all things Venezuelan. I have visited the work numerous times since moving to DC and have pointed it out to friends and visitors. However, since there is no plaque to mark the work, they always doubt me and insist that I just want to claim everything for Venezuela. A quick Google search will confirm though that the large sculpture on 7th and Independence Ave NW is titled “Delta Solar” and is the work of Otero. Or you can just trust that my dad knows what he is talking about.

Delta solar, the work of a Venezuelan artist.

Delta solar, the work of a Venezuelan artist.


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