Reason 267

#267: Founding Farmers

I love everything on their menu. I also love the place itself, the location and the name. I went there to celebrate my graduation. And to celebrate a new job. And every time my family visits I take them there. My mom really likes the veggie burger. My dad likes the pork.

On their latest visit to DC I took my dad and my sister to Founding Farmers. We got there for lunch around 3pm on a weekday, which is the only time you don’t need a reservation. When we arrived there, it was packed.

We got a great table by the entrance. And a new waiter. Actually, a waiter in training. This wasn’t the best thing for us because my dad and my sister like to ask a lot of questions and I am a picky eater. Also, we were starving. The waiter-in-training went to get back-up and eventually we were able to order. My dad ordered the pork and my sister and I ordered salads. Then we waited a long time. A new waitress came. We ordered bread. We waited longer. We got more drinks (Arnold Palmer, Iced Tea, Beer). We waited.

Then the bread came. That was nice.

Then we waited more. Then the second waitress came and apologized and said something we didn’t understand. It sounded like “took care of that.”

Then the food came. It was delicious. Everything was delicious, as it always is at this restaurant. Now that we weren’t hungry we started talking about our favorite parts of the trip. Best restaurant, best drinks, best hotel, most memorable moments and so on. We laughed a lot. It was a great lunch.

Then the bill came and it was only for $22 or so. It turned out that because they had made us wait so long, the restaurant took all our entrees off the check.

Great place.

I took this from their website

I took this from their website



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