Reason 268

#268: Firehook Bakery. They make nice cookies and brownies. Their ready-to-go lunches are good too (but not as good as the brownies.)

When I wrote this I thought that Firehook Bakery’s brownies were god’s gift to the world. I have recently discovered that I was wrong and that Dean & Deluca’s cheesecake brownie is god’s gift to the world.

I walked into the Georgetown on Sunday with my sister, who is a big fan of markets and supermarkets and places were they sell flowers and food and cheese. She loves going to Whole Foods and the big Safeway in Glover Park. So we went to Dean & Deluca. And they had a sample of the brownie. And my life changed forever. It is AMAZING. I ended up buying a whole brownie and sharing (a little) with my dad and my sister. I plan to go back as soon as I do something good enough to justify this brownie.

I also like Dean & Deluca generally because that is where Felicity worked in the TV show and Felicity is a big part of the reason that I moved to DC (at least according to my mom). I honor this connection with a Dean & Deluca mug that I bought on my first trip to NYC. I also have a NYC Public Library Mug, an Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum mug, a BU mug, an Obama mug and a GW mug. No Georgetown or NMU mug though.

Final note: even though I discovered the best brownies in the world, I still love Firehook because they are local and much closer to me than D&D.


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