Reason 269

#269: The Amtrak

This is maybe one of my top two favorite things about the US in general (the other one is the mail). I love, love, love travelling by train and I love that I live in a city that is on some major train lines (is that what they are called?)

Last week my dad and my sister came to visit me. We had planned a road trip through New England that somehow turned into more of an Amazing Race: New England. It was fun and wonderful and it included a train ride. The trip started with my dad flying in from Doha (14 hours, proof that he really, really loves us) and my sister flying in from Caracas (also about 14 hours but for different reasons). We spent July 4th in our nation’s capital. It was an almost perfect day (my dad didn’t feel well, otherwise it would have been super perfect).

The next day, July 5, we took the Amtrak from Union Station to New York City. It was fun to ride the train and it was especially fun to do it with my sister and my dad. I love showing them things that I love and seeing if they like them too. My dad and my sister, who are both plane-haters, absolutely LOVED the train. They really liked that we didn’t have to go to some far away airport, didn’t have to go through security, could walk around and had lots of legroom. They also really liked Union Station. Penn Station, not so much 🙂

My sister and I talking on the train to New York.

My sister and I talking on the train to New York.


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