Reason 278

#278: The Circulator

It's time for the Circulator.

It’s time for the Circulator.

Yes, the metro breaks down all the time, but who cares when you have the Circulator bus?

I “discovered” the Circulator bus many (like 4) years ago. I was with two friends in downtown DC somewhere. I think we had just come from a DC United game. One of my friends was a student at Georgetown and suggested that we go to The Tombs (where I had never been before). Being new to DC, I wasn’t a big fan of walking there, so he suggested that we take the Circulator. And then my life in DC changed.

The Circulator is an amazing, $1 bus that will take you anywhere you need to go. There is a Circulator that connects Dupont Circle to Rosslyn passing through Georgetown. This is the one I use all the time now. There is another Circulator that connects Glover Park to Union Station via K St. This was my bus when I lived by the National Cathedral. There is another Circulator that connects Woodley Park, Columbia Heights (Target!) and McPherson Square. There is another Circulator that connects Union Station to Navy Yard  and another one that goes to the Marine Barracks. I have yet to ride on those last two.

In addition to being awesome and super cheap, the Circulator buses also run very frequently and you can track them on They are practically perfect.

The only issue that I have with the Circulator is that for some reason I have a little song about it stuck in my head. The song is just “it’s time for the Circulator, it’s time for the Circulator”. Most days it’s annoying, some days it makes me laugh.


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