Reason 281

#281: The Potomac River

I like cities that are close to bodies of water which, to be fair, is most cities. I really like cities where the body of water is not also a well-known depository for sewage and dead bodies, as is the case with the Rio Guaire in Caracas (I always want to say “my native Caracas” and then I remember that I was not born there). The Potomac is not super clean. It’s not like having a stream of Caribbean water separating the district proper and Virginia. But it is not bad either.

A couple of weeks ago I took a Duck Tour of Washington, DC. Duck Tours for some reason apparently only exist in Boston and DC. The tour buses for these tours are amphibian vehicles made by Ford (I think) for World War II. The “Duck” I was in was a 1943 model. It was adorable and also very, very slow. When we entered the Potomac at Gravelly Point Park we saw a few people hanging around the water with clear intentions to go in. One of the people on the duck asked the tour guide if the water in the Potomac was safe. He said it was much better than it used to be and that people now do recreational stuff in it. I am not personally super inclined to go swimming in the potomac, but tons of people do go rowing or do that new thing that looks like yoga on a surfboard.

Here is a picture of a DC duck that I took from

Here is a picture of a DC duck that I took from

My favorite thing about the Potomac so far is the trail that runs along it. It’s very, very nice to be able to run close to the water. My second favorite thing about the Potomac is how the Kennedy Center looks reflected on it. This makes my favorite thing about Virginia the fact that you can get a beautiful view of Washington, DC from there. And that’s how I feel about Virginia.


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