Reason 284

#284: My neighborhood

I have lived in Dupont Circle for three years. I know it’s exactly three years because I just received a notice that rent is going up in July, which means that July will mark the end of my third year here and the beginning of my fourth. I plan to stay in this same building for at least part of the fourth year, which will make my studio apartment in Dupont Circle the place where I have lived for the second longest time. The first longest time is my home in Caracas, where I lived for 16 years or so.Putting it this way reminds me of my dad, who told me a few years ago that he has never again lived in any home for as long a time as he lived in his childhood home. I hope it’s too early to tell, but maybe the same will be true for me.

My neighborhood on the only day last year when nobody was around (12/22, it was really cold)

My neighborhood on the only day last year when nobody was around (12/22, it was really cold)

Right now though, I can’t really imagine leaving my apartment building and my neighborhood.

Some of the things that I love about where I live:

About my apartment:

  • Although it has its fair share of Ikea furniture, it looks more permanent than anywhere else I have lived before (in the US).
  • I painted one of its walls. I initially painted it yellow, found that the color reminded me of something, realized the “something” was the color of the gym’s walls, so I repainted it green.
  • It has a pretty big closet
  • It has a real floor, not carpet

About my building:

  • It is old
  • In July it smells like when I moved in. I think it’s the smell of paint and cleaning stuff because a lot of people move in/out in July
  • The neighbors are pretty nice
  • There is a rooftop from which I can watch fireworks on the Fourth of July

About my neighborhood:

  • Everything is walking distance from here. Granted, I consider anything up to 2.5 miles to be walking distance, but still.

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