Reason 285

#285: The National Museum of Natural History

I am really not such a big fan of the National Museum of Natural History. It is always very, very crowded and while I like live animals, I find it hard to be interested in desiccated animal carcasses and bones. To be fair, I have only been to this museum once in the whole time I have been here, so it is entirely possible that the museum is not at all about desiccated animal carcasses.

Here are some things that I do like about this museum:

1- Like all Smithsonian Institution museums, it’s free. That means that even if you hate it you will at most lose 10 minutes, so it’s worth checking out.

2- The fact that we have one when we already have so many other great museums. So take that Chicago and New York. Especially New York.

3- Its location. I learned yesterday at the Team Fight training session that this is the most centrally located out of all the museums. The blue and orange line metros are two blocks away (Federal Triangle), the yellow and green are also two blocks away (National Archives) and even the red is close (Judiciary Square, three blocks away.)

4- It has some nice front steps, as do almost all the museums on the Mall. Yesterday we ran up and down the stairs of the West Building of the National Gallery of Art. Fun times.

5- The butterfly pavillion. It’s a small live butterfly exhibit inside the museum. It is not free but it is worth the >$10 ticket. Especially if you are a butterfly fan and former Cockrell Butterfly Center volunteer like me.

6- They have some good exhibits. Mostly I read about them in Smithsonian magazine (which I started to read after it was mentioned in Law & Order: Criminal Intent) and then forget to visit. The most recent example of this is an exhibit on Titanoboas that I read about and then missed.

Dorking at the butterfly pavillion.

Dorking at the butterfly pavillion.


My sister took this picture.


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