On supporting something

DC is a city filled with causes. Everyone here believes in something and wants you to support their cause. This is especially true of happy hours and races. Nearly every other happy hour is a fundraising happy hour for such and such, and many races are also run to raise funds for causes. Even races that don’t seem to be about a cause (like the Marine Corps Marathon) are sometimes tied to causes (like the Run for Vocations.)

Yesterday at the Pacers Run Club (yes, I tried a new one) there were representatives from Team Fight, talking about how they run races to raise (ha!) money for a program that helps young adults (18 to 40, I asked) that have been diagnosed with cancer. I am very lucky to not have a direct personal connection with this cause, but I still think it is an important cause and one worth supporting if I can, however I can. So I am going to. I signed up to race the Army Ten Miler and to raise (ha!) $500 for this organization. This is my page. You can help by donating, if you can.

The most I have ever run is 6 miles, I think, so this will be a good goal. I want to run ten miles to celebrate 10 years from the day I didn’t die. And I want to raise $500 so other people can have a second birthday like the one I have.



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