Reason 286

#286: Barnes and Noble on M St. I actually love that that store is always packed. I can not wait to go there when the holidays start to buy everyone presents they won’t like. 🙂

This store is no longer there. It closed a few months ago and reopened as a Nike store.

Reason #286 is now: The Nike Running Club out of the store on M St.

They gave me this at the end and encouraged me to return soon. Super nice.

They gave me this at the end and encouraged me to return soon. Super nice.

I tried this run club this Saturday. I have been looking for a half-marathon training program that looks like something I can reasonably commit to. I am not sure that I want to run a half-marathon, but just in case I do, I want to be ready. So I have been looking for ways to get ready. A few stores around DC have full marathon and half marathon training programs. Georgetown Running Company has a large one with great reviews, but it meets at some crazy early time on Saturday mornings and it costs about as much as my gym. Not ideal.

Then I remembered that I had tried the Pacers running club a while back with my friend Vero, so I started looking for clubs like that one and found out that Nike has one. I called the store and asked what I had to do to join. They said I just had to show up, sign a release and run. It’s free they said. As a Venezuelan, I am very suspicious of anything that is free. I always feel there has to be a catch somewhere.

I woke up very, very early on Saturday morning and headed to M St. When I got to the Nike store the store was closed (as they said they would be). I knocked and someone let me in (as they said they would.) It turned out that I wasn’t the only person new to the club that day: everyone else was too. Everyone else, however, was friends from a 5:45am boot camp they all do together. As soon as they said that I got really nervous and started thinking that maybe this overachieving running club wasn’t for me.

It turns out that they split into different groups with pacers for each group. There was a person running 7 minute miles, leading all the Kenyan wannabes, a person running 9 minute miles leading the overachievers and someone running 10 minute miles just for me. I had an amazing time, ran faster than ever and farther than I thought I could. I definitely plan to go back.

Other pluses:

You can borrow Nike shoes to try during the run if you want.

They give you free water and energy bars. Really.

It’s fee.

The people are all awesome.

The store is gorgeous.

And it’s Georgetown. It’s great to run around Georgetown.


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