Reason 287

#287: There’s a sport for everyone.

Yesterday after work I decided to join the thousands* of Washingtonians who run every day. I laced up and went for a run to Georgetown. On the way I passed much more skilled runners, faster runners (going the other way), power walkers, bikers and yoga mat-totting people. I also passed by a bunch of people playing bocce ball. They were all sitting down and drinking. That confirmed that in Washington, DC there is a sport for everyone.

If you are super fit or super type-A, you can become a runner. There are lots of running clubs all over town and tons of races from 5Ks (like the Race for Hope) to the Army Ten Miler and the Marine Corps Marathon. Running is very hard core in DC. This is definitely not the place to come to practice for your first 5K. This is a town where nearly every other car has a 26.2 sticker. In my neighborhood I’ve even seen some 140.6 stickers. I thought that was the person’s goal weight or something. Turns out its the Ironman.

If you need motivation or are super competitive then gyms are probably the best for you. There are all kinds, ranging in fancyness from the YMCA to Vida Fitness and Sports Club LA. The YMCA is your typical friendly neighborhood Y, except much more expensive. Vida Fitness has its membership office two floors up just to make sure that all new members are at least fit enough to go up two open staircases without panting. At least that’s why I think they did it.

If you are a yoga person, then there’s yoga. All over the place. Like one yoga studio every ten people or so.

If you are looking to pretend to work out while drinking beer and hanging out there’s the DC Kickball League and the DC Bocce Ball League. Both of these, as far as I can tell, involve wearing matching t-shirts while sitting around in the grass.

This is what bocce ball looks like. Notice the matching t-shirts. (I took this picture from

This is what bocce ball looks like. Notice the matching t-shirts. (I took this picture from

Finally, if you like your sports to be more cultural and/or worldly there’s Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do and this weekend, Chinese Dragon Boat Racing.

*I made this number up


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