On when to say which name

Fabiana is my name in Spanish. It is a beautiful name and people that speak Spanish, Portuguese, French or Italian can pronounce it perfectly. Unfortunately for me, people that speak English have a much harder time with it. Sometimes I get called Fabina (pronounced fah-bee-na). I hate being called Fabina. Hate it. Most often people just mispronounce it, so instead of Fabiana (fa-via-na) they say Fabiana (pha-beea-an-na). I hate that too.

Fabiana is my work name, my official document name, my name for when people are mad at me and occasionally my name for people that really like it and can pronounce it correctly.

One in millions

One in millions

Almost everyone can say Fabi and occasionally I get someone that says “Fabi? Like fabulous?”. I don’t hate that at all. Fabi also doesn’t sound like people are mad at me.

Fabi is my name for life, for family, for friends, for school.

Everyone, absolutely everyone can say Sofia, my middle name. Because Sofia is easier to pronounce than my first name and because I don’t care how people spell it, I am sometimes Sofia.

Sofia is my name for Starbucks and hostesses at restaurants.


I also tried to be Abby when I first moved to the US. It failed because, oh irony, I can’t pronounce that name right.


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